Sat. June 29, 2019 – last day in Chi-town

Cooler, maybe a bit of rain overnight? Not as hot as Houston certainly.

Wrapping up in Chicagoland today. If I can fit everything in the truck, I’ll head home tomorrow morning. Lots to do today still. One thing is packing this computer. Another is packing my truck. And RE-packing until it all fits. And where the heck will I put it when I get home?

There are still things to do to pass the VA inspection. I sprayed the perimeter for bugs. This house has always had a problem with big black ants. One of my frustrations with this situation and when my dad was sick is that my siblings are too close to the problems and everyone here LOVES problems. What they don’t love is solutions. I’m the solve it guy. If dad is losing his balance on stairs, put in a handrail, don’t complain because he insists on using the stairs. If there are ants, get the freaking spray, don’t curse the ants in the trash bin. If the place smells musty rent an ozone generator and a dehumidifier. Don’t just say “the smell chases buyers away”, fix the smell. This can be applied to life in general and ESPECIALLY when there are big problems like a disaster.

“We’re out of bottled water” – then buy buckets and fill them at the tap!
“We’re out of plywood to board up windows” – then buy fencing, or metal roof panels…

I had a friend who I was staying with for a while. I was babysitting for his 6yo and I suggested we watch a video and sing along with it. The tape title was “Songs for Learning” and I figured, “Hey, songs, lets sing along…” His daughter says “NO! Those are songs for LEARNING, NOT songs for singing along”. Don’t be that 6yo.

Adapt, improvise, overcome.