Mon. June 3. 2019 – Ok summer, here we come

74F and 99%RH this morning.  Jeez it was sweaty and hot yesterday, with full sun most of the day.  I did my yard work while the yard was in shade, and there was some overcast later in the day, but jeez, did I mention it was hot?

I continued chipping away at a couple of jobs.  I actually had one chainsaw running for almost a minute after cleaning the carb and replacing rotten gas hose.  Missing gas hose is a common issue for older saws.   I must have sucked up some debris though, because it wouldn’t restart.   I ran out of carb cleaner and replacement fuel line before getting the big saw open and running.  More work on those later.

I did get my new rain water barrel situated on blocks and leveled.

Garden is still growing.

I did some other small cleanup and maintenance jobs around the house too.  I’m alternating between inside and outside, so I have a chance to cool down.

Today the kids are at the rock gym climbing all day, so I have a chance to get some stuff done at my customer site.   I have to install some networking and get some outdoor speakers running.  All hot work, so I’m trying to get there in the morning.  Plans.  Huh.  We’ll see.

Time to wake the krakens…