Day: March 29, 2023

Wed. Mar. 29, 2023 – Hmmm, still got stuff to do, who woulda thunk it?

Cool and damp.  Clear later…  or that’s the hope and prediction.   Don’t know if it will be true.   I HOPE so.  Yesterday was variable, and different everywhere.   Stiff breeze, spatter of rain, distant rain while  the sun shone locally, all kinds of weather in Houston and all in the same day.

Did some errands.   Placed some orders.   Hit the bins…  now today I need to take some full bins of my own to the auction.  I’ve stacked a bunch of stuff ready to go, but I need clear weather to do it.

Today in addition to the (hopeful) dropoff, I’ve got two pickups.   Almost all of it is household stuff, or stuff for the BOL.   Everything ends up in the auctions, even the pimple cover dots that D1 uses, and hand cream that my wife uses, only in the auction, it’s cheaper.

I may even get to the grocery store later in the day.

It’s a full life, and fulfilling, but it sure takes a lot of time.

Stack something you haven’t been stacking.  Gloves.  Socks.  Underwear.  Glasses?  Hearing aid batteries?  There is something you haven’t even thought about because you buy it only  very infrequently…  stack some of that.


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