Day: March 24, 2023

Fri. Mar. 24, 2023 – waddayaknow…. it’s Friday again.

Probably clear, probably warm.   Certainly damp if not wet.   We are solidly in the ‘rain’ zone on the national map, but then we were for Thursday on Tuesday’s map and it didn’t happen that way.  Thursday was overcast, then sunny, then scattered rain… I got a few minutes of mist on my way home after a mostly nice day.  It was 77F at midnight.

Took my trash to the dumpster.   Did my pickup.   Failed to meet a friend for some thrifting.  Maybe today.   Went by the reStore to get a sample of the floor tile my wife thought might work for the bathrooms at the BOL, but they had sold out.   Gotta buy it when you see it.   Something else will come along.

I’m hoping to deliver another freezer, and get it out  of my storage unit.   That will make it easier to sort for upcoming auctions, and maybe finally let me condense one unit down into another.  One can always hope… and I think my buddy will take  a toilet off my hands.   That won’t make me as much money as I’d planned, but it will get the stuff out of storage.

Today I’ve got all my normal stuff, and I need to get loaded up for a weekend working at the BOL.   Girls have a scouting weekend, so I can get up there by myself and turn off the water for long enough to get my remaining plumbing done.   I think I’ll move a bunch of gas, propane, and food on this trip too.   I should have space in the truck as I don’t have any large stuff going up this trip.  Who knows what might change  though.

I better get moving on stuff, or I’ll end up sitting here most of the day.

Stack something, even just baby steps.


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