Day: March 6, 2023

Mon. Mar. 6, 2023 – another work week begins

Cool to start, nice all day.   That’s my expectation.   We’ll see what happens but the weather liars are fairly sure it won’t rain…    Sunday was beautiful.   Really beautiful.  FINALLY we are getting some Spring weather.

Of course, a few years ago, I was wearing my cool vest to the Rodeo around this same time, and moaning about the heat.   It’s nice to have a long Spring here in Houston, when we can.

Spent the day (once I had stretched and loosened up enough to move) taking stuff back and putting it away.   I still have some stuff here at the house to re-stack.   I’d like to do some cleanup around the places I store it though.   And there are some things that need to be thrown out or scrapped.

I had to get rid of about 20 boxed potato side dishes that I had forgotten about.   They were in a tub, under the tarp in the driveway.   Water can condense in the tubs over time.   They weren’t moldy or showing signs of water damage,but they were old and the cheese sauces were undoubtedly past usability.  Mad Max rules, I’d have tried them, or at least tried to salvage the potatoes.  Not at this point though.   I expect spoilage and waste due to my really poor storage conditions.  I’m willing to tolerate it so that I have enough food on hand.

After returning the trailer, I totaled up my expenses for the hamfest.   $10 entry fee (which I could have skipped, as I never even picked up my ticket), $15 for 3 parking spaces at the swapmeet, and $54 for the trailer after taxes and fees.  I might have saved $20 if I was able to return it on Saturday afternoon, but $20 was cheap since it let me spend time talking with guys, and  hanging out for an extra couple of hours at the hamfest.   Including gas and a bottle of water, I grossed about $1000.  Don’t know what my net profit is, but I’ve got that money back in my safe instead of locked up in goods sitting in the tubs in the garage.  Sometimes getting your money back is the best you can do.

Today will be more cleaning and putting  away.   It’s long overdue, and while not ‘top of list’ it makes sense to do it while the stuff is out of place.  I may even take the time to scrap out some stuff for my next run to the junkman.

And with this weather I really need to make some decisions for the gardens here, and at the BOL.   I usually wait too long and have poor results.   I’m determined to get a jump on it this year.  If it’s not already too late.

Food security.   Worth putting some time and effort into it.

If you can’t garden, and I really can’t, you’d better stack it up…


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