Day: March 23, 2023

Thur. Mar. 23, 2023 – 03232023 – fun with nonsense…

Warm and damp.   Possibility of rain.  Likely rain…    So some things won’t get done today. We got scattered sprinkles yesterday, with some places getting more than that.   I could see the rain and clouds in the distance, but it was clear for me.   Houston is like that.  Someone gets the rain, but not necessarily you.  And then they say “It rained in Houston today.”

Did some auction stuff.   Dropped off and picked up… and I’ll do more of that today.   Plus, it’s time to start planning for what work I want to get done at the BOL this weekend.   Of course, I didn’t get all the stuff done here that I wanted to get done.   Never do…

Had some rice with dinner last night.   It went into the bucket in 2014.   Sat undisturbed until last year or maybe even before that.   Then the bucket was opened but closed up with a gamma seal lid.  Cooked up just fine.   No problems, no changes, just rice.    (we don’t eat a lot of rice, but I stack a lot because it’s cheap and versatile.   We’re eating more lately, but I’ve been using the Minute Rice, or the heat and serve packs to save time.)   I didn’t do anything special when it was stored either.   YMMV, but buy quality rice, fill the bucket, leave it sealed.   It will last a long time.

Keep stacking food.   Everybody needs to eat.


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