Day: March 20, 2023

Mon. Mar. 20, 2023 – mama Flandrey’s little boy is 57

Cold.   Cold.  Cold.   BOL had a freeze warning last night.  Houston was not supposed to get that cold, but 40F is still cold.  It was 41F when I went to bed.  Other than cold, should be nice.

Finished up this trip to the BOL yesterday.   It was mainly a vacation, but I did make progress on a few things.   We had guests so I couldn’t do any heavy work or shut off the water, but there are always ‘fill in’ tasks.  Both the me and the wife relaxed more than worked this trip.   I’m rationalizing that it’s important to do that to keep from getting burned out… yeah that’s it.

Sometime in the last two weeks I completed my 57th trip around the sun.   Who would have thought I’d be here, or doing this?   Not me.   I didn’t think I’d make it past 26.   When I did, I realized I needed to change my life if there was a chance I’d live for a while longer.    31 years later and I’m still here and still plan to continue.   But every day after 26 years is a gift.   Every single day.   The good, the bad, the ordinary, or the days that I cheated death.  All free and all good.

There’s a saying that you can’t kill a man who’s born to hang.   Maybe that’s it.   Somehow I doubt it though.

In any case, I’ll take it.    And do what I can with it.

To that end, there is a list of stuff that I should/could/might get done here.   I’ll be working that list.   It’s the usual stuff, with some additional home repair and maintenance thrown in.  And stacking.  Or at least moving stacks, and maybe some organization…

Someone said 90% of success was just showing up.   Well, I’ve been showing up for 57 years now, and plan to continue.

And continue stacking  🙂


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