Day: March 4, 2023

Sat. Mar. 4, 2023 – join me at that Houston area Hamfest…

Cool and windy, but sun should be out and it should warm up later.   I’d be happy with a repeat of yesterday.  I think I might bring some sun screen, just in case.

I got my Dr appointment done.   Signage sucked, and I ended up being late, but I found it eventually.  Started by heading to storage and loading up the pickup.   One of the weirdest things I have is 9 spools of 12 gauge wire, 500ft.   I bought it for about $20/roll, and it is up to $109.   It is good for home-made antennas, as well as regular electrical wiring.  Even if I discount it for a fast sale, I’ll make good money on it.   I’ve got thousands of dollars of high end point to point 3.3ghz wireless networking too.   IDK if anyone will have the deep pockets, maybe a club… but it sure would be nice to move a couple of them.

I added zelle to my phone so I could get paid for the bigger items.   I’ve already got paypal, and the wife has venmo so I have some sort of way to receive that too.

I found almost everything.   Somewhere, there are a couple of bins of motorola radios that I just couldn’t find.   I found some just not the ones I was looking for.  Oh well.   Found some stuff I didn’t know I had too, so there is balance.

I REALLY REALLY don’t want to put all this stuff back away…

So come out to the Rosenburg Fairgrounds and check out the hamfest.  $15 entry at the door, and there are door prizes.   I’ll be in the parking lot swap meet area.  If you have been paying attention, you should be able to figure me out.

Go out into the world and stack some stuff.


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