Day: March 27, 2023

Mon. Mar. 27, 2023 – still working on plumbing…

Cool and clear, warmer laterly….  it started clear but turned overcast with a bit of light rain and some scattered showers.   It cleared later, but not clear enough for good observation.

Spent the day doing plumbing.    The dang things fought me all day, culminating in a 2 hour round trip to get 2 adapters.   On the plus side, I drove through some areas that were just carpeted with bluebonnets.  Beautiful.

Decided to push on through when I got home, despite most of the day being gone, but I really wanted to make some progress.  And once I cut the lines, I was committed to getting enough done to get the water back on.   I finally was satisfied it wouldn’t leak all over the place at about 10 pm.   Long day.

Today I’ll finish the plumbing.   If everything goes well, I should be able to decommission all of the old copper before leaving today.   Some of it will be going home with me to the scrapyard.  I made $57 on the last bunch of faucets and copper tube…   There was some steel and aluminum mixed in, but it was mostly plumbing stuff.   I can’t imagine anyone recycling pex in 50 years.

Didn’t do a fire last night, just went to bed. It was so late when I finished that I didn’t have the energy to lay a fire and sit out.   It was hot enough in the attic in my coveralls that I was about worn out…

I did get some of the food I brought up with me stacked.  I have a lot of canned peas for some reason.   I will have to bring something for balance later.   Still, it’s nice to see the cabinets filling up.

Big stacks are good, but some stacks are best.   Do what you can with what you have.



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