Day: March 11, 2023

Sat. Mar. 11, 2023 – non-prepping hobby day.

Warm and damp.  Supposed to be clear though.  Was pretty nice yesterday, and the rain held off, which let me get some stuff done.

Spent the early part of the day on the computer, spent the rest of the day on site for my customer.  Got a bunch of my list done over there.   Still have some stuff to do but it’s less time sensitive.

Today is my non-prepping hobby meeting.  Taking D2 to weaponize teh cute and sell some more GS cookies to the old guys there.   Then we’ll go past my buddy’s gun store and see if he would like some this year.   He’s been a great supporter of their troop.

After that?  Getting stuff moved around and ready for a trip up to the BOL for a week… or maybe doing more stuff around the house that needs doing.    Sunday will probably be Rodeo day.   Kids want to go.  I’m ambivalent.  I could use a ‘small engine’ workshop day before heading to the lake.

In other news, a bank in Cali failed.   Lots of people were caught off guard.   Lots of people are going to rethink their own investments, and where they are as a result.   Could this be the beginning of something like the 2008 problems?   Dunno.   Been expecting something to kick it all off.  Might be this.    It will be SOMETHING when it happens.

Best you can do is live your life, but take the steps to cover yourself and your family for the bad things.  It’s called prepping, and it’s not that hard.   You do have to actually DO it, and not just plan to do it or talk about doing it.

Part of it is stacking up the supplies and other things you see yourself needing.   Easy to do.  Worth doing.  Keep stacking.


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