Day: March 28, 2023

Tues. Mar. 28, 2023 – so a man walks into a bar…

Warm.  Damp.  Overcast.   Big change from the BOL.   Where it was nice all day yesterday.   Here in Houston, not so much.   Oh well, maybe it won’t rain.

Did my plumbing yesterday.   Finished with the major tasks, there is now pex run to every fixture in the house.    Still have the hose bibs to do, but the main thing is disconnecting the old copper completely.  It’s still under pressure and just capped off at the outlets.   I’ll do that next visit.  I just couldn’t get there this time, too much stuff was fighting me.

I’ll have to use this short week to do stuff around here.   Small inroads were made, but more ‘building on momentum’ needs to happen.   Time is rapidly slipping away before stuff like Swim Team and end of term stuff gets going.    And in the next couple of months there will be two birthdays and an anniversary as well.   Socially, it’s going to get busy.

I can’t really predict the future, but I can’t see one where I am idle, with lots of free time to indulge in my hobbies and reading books all day.

Gotta take your joy when you can, and stack it up for the bad times.

Stacks are good ‘um Kay?’



… you’d think he would have ducked.

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