Day: March 2, 2023

Thur. Mar. 2, 2023 – 03022023 -got a birthday coming up this month…

Same ol, same ol….   warm and humid, chance of rain, although we are on the edge of it, and it’s supposed to be clear for Friday and the weekend, so maybe it’ll blow out early.   Otherwise, high in the 80s low in the 70s.

Spent yesterday afternoon at my client’s house putting in a cell booster.   The tricky part is the cable run.   The house has a second floor but only in the middle and there isn’t a clear path from one end to the other.    I didn’t want the external antenna visible on the front of the house, and the room that needs the boost is near the front.   The equipment closet is near the back.   I am going to try using the coax that was installed originally for satellite tv to get the antenna signal to the room.   If I don’t have to figure out how to pull new cable all the way, I will save a bunch of time and work.  If you are building or doing a gut remodel, pull at least one coax and two cat 6 cables to every room that will get a tv.  If you have weird tray ceilings, or some other thing that won’t allow access to the walls from the attic, put a piece of conduit in.  Almost any signal can be carried over cat cable now, but pure RF still needs coax.

There is only one room with unusable cell signal, and that is the office… so we’re finally fixing it. (We have a pico cell that uses the internet, but until att finally got the fiber in, there was no way to make that work.  A straight up repeater is simpler, and doesn’t use third party paths…)

Today I’ll head back out there to do the rest of the install and then I’ll go home and pull more hamfest stuff.    That’s the plan anyway.

I did stop at the grocery store last night on my way home.   Beef was crazy high, and the only beef on sale was ‘value’ grade.   Chicken was cheap, maybe they’re all slaughtering before the birds get sick and flooding the market.   In any case, we are still only paying $4/ dozen large eggs.  Gas is around $3/gal at “normal” stations.   It is cheaper if you go to costco or go looking for bargains.   Big name stations might be 10c higher.

Stack-a while you can, monkey boy…



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