Day: March 5, 2023

Sun. Mar. 5, 2023 – sleeping in, if my back will let me

Another cool but damp day with clear skies would be nice.   Yesterday was gorgeous.   Sunny, breezy, temp was perfect after a chilly start…

I need to unload and re-stack the stuff that didn’t sell.  Some will not be returning to inventory.  Some will be going on ebay.   I sorted as I packed up, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Wife and D2 will return from their back packing trip later in the day.

Hamfest was a lot of fun.   I like talking to people, running a line of patter, and selling stuff.  I don’t know what official ticket sales looked like but it felt a bit sparse.   The swapmeet area wasn’t well filled out either, which worked ok for those of us that were there.

Several people commented on the cost of living increasing a lot lately.

People were buying smalls for the most part.  I didn’t really see people buying new radios, or big ticket items.   Several people brought their young kids and there were some middle or high school kids too.  Ham radio is a ‘dad’s day out’ thing, even if most of the kids were girls.

Didn’t see as many people who looked like narco trafficantes this time.   That’s a plus.

My best sellers were rack shelves, load bearing vests (mesh tactical vests with molle attachment points) and pistol holsters.   The shelves were a no brainer, but the tactical and gun stuff sold better than I’d expected, and I’m glad I brought them, as the fact they sold means there was an audience for them.

All in all, it was a fun day for me, and most of the attendees seemed happy too.

I’m sore and beat up, with a bit of a sun burn, but I’ll live.

Today will be putting stuff away, returning the trailer, and  nursing sore muscles and skin.

Wherever you buy it, keep stacking!


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