Day: March 12, 2023

Sun. Mar. 12, 2023 – not going to the rodeo today

Warm to hot, clear, should be a nice day.   Yesterday was another gorgeous day.  Didn’t see the high, but sunny and warm, light breeze.

Went to my hobby meeting.   Took youngest to sell some more cookies.  Weaponized cuteness is fading as her height increases, but it is balancing with an outgoing and razor sharp personality.  Interesting to watch, if a bit terrifying.

Today I intend to sleep in a bit, eat a nice breakfast, and do some outdoor work around the house.   I also need to rearrange the stuff in the back of my pickup, and pull a freezer out of storage.   My fisherman buddy at the BOL found a buyer for one of the freezers.  I’ll have a full load this trip up, especially if I pick up another metal storage cabinet.

I’m hoping to get some yard work done, maybe some small engine repair, maybe wash the Expedition,  and whatever else seems doable.   It’s ambitious.   Going away for a week means front loading some of the week’s work though.

Somewhere in there I should buy some more pipe insulation too.

The list is endless.   But tasks do get finished, and work does progress.  And sometimes movement is progress.  Work your own lists.

Stack it up, and hope the bank failure doesn’t spread or cause some over-reaction… the world feels kinda ‘teeter-y’ at the moment.



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