Day: January 30, 2023

Mon. Jan 30, 2023 – time flies

Cool and damp, getting warmer later, maybe.     National forecast has us in a rain and T storm possible zone.    I’ve got stuff to do that can’t happen in the rain, so I hope it holds off or is very regional.

Started the day yesterday at the BOL.   Rained on and off all day.  Temps came up into the 60s, but were dropping like a stone by dark.  There was a brief rainless period in the afternoon that let me get stuff inside and dried off.  Also threw a lure in the water a few times.   The lake is back to normal levels, but was murky as chocolate milk from the run off.  Fish gotta eat regardless, so I tried something bright and noisy.  No luck though.

Saw a couple of waterfowl I didn’t recognize.  I’m going to have to look them up.   Kinda goose like, kinda not.   The local fauna changes with the season, and it’s interesting watching it and learning about it.

It was a productive weekend.   Wife got a lot of stuff painted and organized/cleaned.   I got the washer plumbed in and tested.  Also got the gas line for a dryer plumbed in and tested.  The dryer that came with the house is electric, older, but doing fine.   I just figured that if I have the wall open anyway, I should put the gas line in and future proof it.  I was already wearing my PPE for attic work.  I also completed the insulation of the pex in the attic.   It’s easier to slide the foam on than to slit it and then tape the slit closed.   Since I was cutting the last big section in half to add the drops for the laundry machine, I took the opportunity to slide on the foam in both directions.

I still need to run pex for all the hall bath, the master shower, and one remaining hose bib.   And in spring I’ll need to connect the other hose bibs too.   That will be next visit, or the ones after that.  No shortage of things to do.  Nice to be crossing stuff off the list.

Hung two doors and put knobs on them…  and discovered that  I got the size wrong on the other doors.   I’ll be looking for more 32″ doors.  I’m still looking for entry doors anyway.  Between the house, shed, garage, and dock house, I need 4 entry doors in various styles.  I don’t want to pay retail for that many.  Thankfully, not an urgent project.

It’s time to start doing some network/media server/pc work up there too.   I’ve got walls open and I’m in the attic, I might as well at least pull the cat cable.   I’d like to get cameras and a nvr running up there, and an internal network even if we don’t have internet access.   It’ll be in between other projects, but cams are starting to push on my brain.  That’s usually a sign that I need to get something done.

Anyway, unless something changes, critical infrastructure FIRST, then other stuff.

And in the mean time, still working on my house, and still stacking…


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