Day: January 8, 2023

Sun. Jan. 8, 2023 – all work and no play…

Cool and damp, or warm-ish and damp, but certainly damp…   we got a rainstorm right in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.   Before that it was sopping wet.  During it was pretty wet.  After it was pretty wet…  definitely a theme yesterday.

So I got less outdoor stuff done than I’d have liked, but I did get the stone unloaded from the trailer.   I don’t get much practice backing up trailers.   I’m amazed I got it under the cover in the dark with only a bit of to and fro.   Took me about 12 tries to put it back in the same place after pulling it out to clean all the debris out of it.  If I can look out the back and SEE the trailer, I can do it no problem.  With mirrors and backup cam, well, it must have been entertaining for any watchers.

That’s me, entertainer of the year…

Today will be some tidying up and some stuff from the list that doesn’t involve a lot of time or commitment.   There should be no shortage of jobs.

Then it’s back home.  I’ll return the trailer Monday morning.   Truck pulled the trailer no problem.   ~5000 pounds and I was doing 80 when I didn’t pay attention.   The gas mileage widget said 10.5 mpg though.  Putting the cruise control on, and dropping to the limit of 75 mph got me 11.6 mpg.   Truck normally gets about 15-18 mpg the way I drive and with the extra stuff in the cargo area.   No way an EV truck would work for me.  And as a BOV, an electric is a complete non-starter.

The world situation continues to get more dire.   The US has political prisoners.  Canada has quasi-government agencies that wants to re-educate an outspoken and contrary person because his beliefs don’t match theirs… We’re sending even MORE hardware and weapons to the proxy war in Ukraine, escalating that conflict.  In far too many western countries “mohamed” has become the most common baby name.  The new owner of the ‘public square of the internet’ has joked that almost every conspiracy theory about it was true [that would be the publishing service that banned a sitting President’s speech.]   And our food and energy situation isn’t any better than it was last year.

So plant a seed.  Literally and figuratively.   Stack food, friends, and skills.


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