Day: January 28, 2023

Sat. Jan. 28, 2023 – and I’m at the BOL, and it’s chilly

Chilly and damp.   Was 46F when I got here yesterday, and just slightly warmer when I went to bed.  Should be the same until the sun warms the earth…

I got all the pickups done that I couldn’t reschedule or move into next week.   Nice hunting tool.   Kayak is a bit more worn than it looked in the pix, but not so bad I’m unhappy.  Other stuff is what I expected.

Hit the lowes for plumbing parts before heading up.   Spent some time last night walking through the project and discovered I need a couple more parts.   Natch.    Will have to head into  town and get them.

Got caught up with my fishing neighbor.

Played a game of Rumikub with D2 and the wife.   Read a bit.  Nice day.

Oh, and I smashed what was left of my terminal clamp into a solid bar, jammed that into a new clamp and installed the new, fat, terminal clamp in the Ranger.   Worked great.   Stacks came through.

Today I’ll be working on plumbing, and may move an electrical outlet or two.   May take a break and do something else on the list, like moving broken concrete.  Dunno, might rain according to the wife…   Flexible, that’s me.

Brought up a couple of things to add to the stacks here.   Add to yours whenever you can.   There are no indications that things are getting better.



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