Day: January 10, 2023

Tues. Jan. 10, 2023 – All the news that’s fit to print.

Cool and damp.   That time of year.  Winter, I think you call it up north.  60F when I went to bed so ‘cool’ not ‘cold.’  It turned into a very nice day yesterday and I’m hoping for the same today.

Got my trailer rental returned.   They had the wrong trailer assigned to me, and that one got returned on time, which left me with a completed reservation, and nothing to turn in.    They got it straightened out.  Didn’t take long.

Hit  the Goodwill on my way home and witnessed a full on scrum over some comic books.   They ended up wrinkling and ripping them as they fought to grab as many as they could.   Savages.   What value there might have been was lost in the fighting.   The one I spot checked was only 99c plus shipping, and after witnessing the fight, the cashiers were not inclined to discounts, so the comics would have been 3/99c.   Not much profit at that rate.   There might have been some valuable books in there, but I didn’t join in.    I did swoop in afterward and pick up a board game that is selling for $65 – 75 and a SCSI adapter in the box that should sell for about the same, maybe a bit less.   I’ll let them fight over pennies.

Came home and did some ‘domestic bliss’ stuff around the house.   More of that today and maybe some plumbing…  or head to my storage unit to take advantage of the clear weather.

Sold one of the freezers to my fisherman buddy.    That leaves the two with more damage to be sold.  Maybe I’ll pick those up today.  Or maybe I’ll do vehicle maintenance.   Or not.   We’ll see.  I’ve got to do a Costco run too.  A whole bunch of stuff I buy is on sale this month so it’s time to add to the stacks.

Had a good conversation with D1 about how the media lies, how they have been lying, and how to look at an article and a picture critically.     She also expressed some concern that with all the illegal invaders, maybe white people (us in particular) would get forced out, or made into the slaves this time around.   I told her that even if we had to die surrounded by piles of spent brass we’d never be slaves.  And to watch for them seizing the guns, because they take the guns when they want to do something to you that you would shoot them for trying…

Conversations are getting interesting.

Stack it high, sporty times will be very difficult to avoid.


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