Day: January 19, 2023

Thur. Jan. 19, 2023 – time to continue making progress…

Cold and damp.   50F late last night and I’m thinking that will continue into this morning.  It is supposed to be clear for a couple of days, so probably a front moving in, dropping the temps and moving out the clouds.   I’m no weather liar, but that’s the story I’m running with today.

I did make a bit of progress yesterday.   I installed a new faucet and drain in the bathroom.  I’ve got another to do, and then I need to diagnose what is  wrong with the shower mixer.  Oh, and re-tape and spackle the ceiling where water leaking caused damage.  Wife can paint the ceiling at that point, whenever she gets around to it.

I also got a couple of things listed on Craigslist.   It’s still around, and good for selling some stuff.   I never did get motivated to do FB marketplace.   If I have something to sell very locally, I’ll ask my wife to ping her sell/swap groups in the neighborhood.   I might try to move a freezer that way if I can’t come up with a buyer myself.  I got a couple of things listed on ebay too while I was at it.  Also sorted some stuff.

All in all, progress was made.

Which is good.   Now for a whole metric buttload more….


Stack progress and successes one atop the other, as well as food…


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