Day: January 7, 2023

Sat. Jan. 7, 2023 – supposed to get gas today…

Warmer than Houston, and damp, but still chilly.  Had a nice clear day to get my stuff up here, now I need one to unload.

Made all my appointments yesterday, but by the skin of my teeth.   The Uhaul reservation had the wrong pickup time, so that was a challenge.   Then their checkin system now needs pix of everything, including me “for their facial recognition system” so they “can tell who’s driving”… with pix of the DL and a scan of the data fields on the back.   And 15 opportunities to upsell services, and 12000 or more times to be goaded into taking their insurance, which I managed to decline eventually.

One thing I couldn’t do was get my pallet jack on the trailer.  Couldn’t get it out of storage.   I will be unloading the stone piece by piece I guess.  Not the first time, as mentioned before.  Just takes a bit longer.

I am supposed to meet with a driver and a gas truck in the morning.   Maybe leaving a message that I’d hook up BBQ bottles prodded them along.  Whatever, as long as they fill the tank, and we can work something out about the pipe.  All this ‘provide your own infrastructure’ business is a pain.

Wife plans to put down flooring in the master bedroom today, and I’ll be doing something, probably electrical and plumbing, but certainly moving stone.

Work.   Work.  Work.  Joy.  Joy.  Joy.   Time to make the donuts…


Stack it up,



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