Day: January 15, 2023

Sun. Jan. 15, 2023 – ok, this time for realz…

Cold and damp again, although possibly just “cool” and not “cold.”   It did warm up a bit during the day, and I ended up in long pants and a T shirt to get the lights down.   It was 52F when I went to bed.

I spent Saturday morning at my non-prepping hobby meeting.   Lots of good conversations in one of the best (largest) groups we’ve had in a while.  Next month is our quarterly ‘swap meet’ meeting.  I’ll have some stuff to sell by then, and the stuff I didn’t sell last time.

After my meeting I was supposed to quickly take down the Christmas stuff and head to the BOL.   Of course that didn’t happen because reality smacked me around.   I did get the lights down, and the lit up figures put away.   Got some more stuff cleaned up and sorted for the local auction, and did some planning for the coming week with my wife.   Girl Scout cookie season is only a month away.  Our house will be a cookie depot for a while and needs to be cleaned with a place for all the cookies.  That is mostly me getting my stuff out of the way…

The upshot was delaying my run to the BOL to today.   If everything goes to plan, I’ll have a good night sleep, early start, and head out.  My plan is to tackle some more plumbing and convert either the hall bath, or the laundry to pex.  I should have most of what I need to do either, but the laundry is the least critical if I don’t get it finished.  It’s also got some of the most corroded looking pipes.   I’m going to just play it by ear.  Maybe I’ll do work on the deck or yard.  Hard to tell, but I should at least open the walls and make sure I have what I need.  Which reminds me, I’m out of straight join pex connectors.  Gotta get some on my way up…  It’s always something.

The one critical thing is to deliver the freezer to my neighbor up there.   Weaving my way into the community is a priority.  Meatspace baby.

Also, figuring out what I need to keep the septic system running grid down.   That’s a priority too.  Batteries, solar, and inverters should do it but which ones, and how, and when and where do I get them….

Stack up the stuff you need.  Infrastructure, money, and friends being three of the things!



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