Day: January 2, 2023

Mon. Jan. 2, 2023 – 01022023 – a whole new set of numbers without any significance at all….

Warm-ish and damp with possibility of rain… probably just enough that taking down the outdoor decorations will be contra-indicated.   Or maybe not.   I’m in no hurry to take them down.  I love the lights.

I spent the whole of the year so far doing computer maintenance stuff, and not critical stuff at that.  So much for making inroads on the list.   Having extra kids in the house meant any plumbing work was ill-advised and that is the most pressing issue.  Given the extremely late night the kids had, everyone was content to spend the day mostly vegged out, even the dog.

Today though, I’ll have to get started on actual productive stuff.   School starts back up tomorrow, and some kids who have been staying up late will be very grumpy.  I’ll be harassing them today so they don’t sleep in too long.

I did cancel all my ebay listings that I had any question about where the item was, or if I hadn’t seen it while looking for the missing item.  I’ve got to get some new listings up, and I’ve decided to start with higher value things.   I usually just do whatever is close to hand and easy to list.   I’ve been accumulating stuff that is worth more though and I need to sell it, not stack it.  Time to get D1 to start listing the easy and cheap items like calculators, books, and remote controls.   New year and a new broom and other mixed metaphors, and all that.

So let’s get to it.  We’ve all got stuff to do, and stuff to NOT do.   Ready, GO!



(stacking should continue)

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