Day: January 13, 2023

Fri. Jan. 13, 2023 – Hey, Friday the 13th falls on a Friday this month…

Cool and windy, but clear?   That’s probably as good a guess as any.   National forecast shows us in the clear for a few days as a front moves through.   Yesterday started at 64F but ended at 51F and the wind got pretty unpleasant late in the day.  Still, no rain so that was a plus.

I did my pickups, went to Costco, filled the Expy with gas.   That was unpleasant, since gas has risen even more this week.   Truck takes a full 30 gallons, and while it’s cheaper than peak FJB, it is still way more than peak Orange Man and headed back up.

I noted some pricing and availability in yesterday’s comments.  Most prices are up, there are a few things on sale again, and TP on sale was almost back to pre-chinaflu pricing (~$20 vs ~$18 for the mega bale, but there might be shrinkflation in there too.)  There were several things I couldn’t find, but nothing I can’t live without.  Australian lamb and Canadian maple syrup have been mostly unchanged for the last half dozen years, if I’m remembering correctly.   Everything else has been up and down.

Today I need to pick up my freezers, and a really nice, like new pellet rifle I got for $13… It’ll be worth it to drive out to Katy (the opposite of my freezer pickup) to get it.  Pellet air guns can be used for hunting small game, doing pest control, learning marksmanship and gun handling, and they are a lot of fun to shoot without costing a bunch or needing much in the way of a range.  I think everyone should have a basic air rifle that is better than a toy, and probably some that are toys and at least one that is a serious tool.    The toys are cheap and fun and could be just BB guns, but the serious rifles are as much as a .22 rifle, maybe more.    They even make .22 cal air rifles, and they are generally not considered to be firearms, which may be important to you.

So I’ve got a full day.  ‘natch.    I hope I don’t get hexed up by the date.

Stack up some BB guns, and an air rifle or two.   They are fun and useful.


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