Day: January 5, 2023

Thur. Jan. 5, 2023 – and I’m still typing 2022 automatically…

Cool and damp.   46F when I went to bed and saturated.  Don’t expect that to change much in a couple of hours.   Yesterday it did get a bit nicer over the course of the day, but still pretty wet out.

I did do a couple of errands.  Drove around.  Took a bunch of trash and got rid of it.   The city decided to just skip recycle pickup the week of Christmas.  The week when most people have a ton of paper and cardboard trash…   Fortunately I have access to some dumpsters that I do use occasionally for construction debris, or when we make more trash than the city picks up.

Ordered the trailer rental for getting the geotextile and stone  I won up to the BOL this coming weekend.   Stone is about 3000 pounds worth according to the seller.   Dang.  Guess I better bring my pallet jack to move the stuff off the trailer.   Worst case, I unload it piece by piece.   I did have to do that once before when I bought a couple pallets of flagstone for a walkway.   No help loading.   No help unloading.   Moved every piece from the pallet to the truck, and then from the truck to a pallet in the driveway when I got it home.   It’s not fun but you might be surprised what you can do if you do a little at a time or break a big job down into little pieces.

That is prepping in a nutshell, btw- a massive job that you accomplish one smaller task at a time.  There are ways to shortcut the effort or time, copious amounts of money applied to the problem will make it a whole lot quicker and easier, for example.  But for most of us, it’s a gradual process, with mostly continuous forward progress.   Might not be smoothly continuous progress, it might go in fits and starts, but as long as it’s progress toward the goal, it’s good.  And there will be reverses as well, but they are ‘learning opportunities’ and a chance to fix a mistake and be better for it.

So get busy.  Start on the little things that will lead to the big thing getting done.

And stack it high.


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