Day: January 3, 2023

Tues. Dec. 3, 2023 – kids back in school today, grumpy grumpy kids…

Warm and damp again.  It stopped raining after a bit yesterday, but stayed wet all day.  No Christmas lights were taken down.  Today should clear, if the national forecast is correct.

I spent the day doing computer stuff and wasting time on the internet with my friends.   Last day of vacation, so a bit languid…  I did get my accounting done for my one client.

Not much else of a useful nature got done.   Some days it be that way.

Today though.   Today I need to start cranking on some of the list.  I know I’ve said that more than once, but ‘this time for sure’!

I have to say that it’s been a bit melancholy around here.  I’ve been going through files and especially pictures on my computer, sorting, and cleaning up, and I’ve come across several pics of people who have “preceded me in death” as the obituaries put it.   My dad, some family friends, a great co-worker, and while it is nice to see them and remember them, it’s also a bit sad.  It’s the time of year for it, to be sure.  Add frequent commentor here, Pecancorner, to the list, and it’s triggered a little more reflection and introspection than I’d normally engage in.   I don’t think any of them would want anyone to wallow in it, but we’re not quite rational beings, are we?  I’m not anyway.   So I’m indulging myself in a little bit of down, to go with the up of the season.  The grey weather hasn’t helped.

Keeping busy and making progress will help though.  Cleaning helps.   When stressed, I find myself cleaning.  Cleaning is productive and you can see the result immediately.  If you come to my house and it’s clean, if the service hasn’t been here, tread softly. Just sayin’.

Anyway.    Things to do, people to see.   Stuff to buy, sell, and fix.

Stuff to stack too.

Time to get to it.


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