Day: January 17, 2023

Tues. Jan. 17, 2023 – what to do, what to do….

Cool but damp.  Maybe sunny and warmer later.   I hope so.    It was very nice most of the day at the BOL.  Started a bit dreary, with a sprinkle of rain, but cleared and got sunny in the afternoon.  Here in Houston it was 66F when I went to bed.

I did get a bunch of small things done at the BOL.   Main thing was capping off the supply to the clothes washer, and opening the wall to figure out what I need to add a trap to the drain line, and to pull in the water and gas lines.   I will move that up the list for the next visit.   I really need to get OFF the copper water lines.

Today I’m at home and there are piles of stuff to do.   Which thing gets tackled first is the question of the day.   Knock off some small things, or tackle something big?   I guess it will come down to how I feel at the moment.   Stuff needs doin’, and I need to do stuff.   Match made in heaven?

I know I’ll be adding to the stacks or working on them…   you should too.


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