Day: January 29, 2023

Sun. Jan. 29, 2023 – rainy days, stuff happening anyway

Cool and wet, possibly COLD and wet later.   Wasn’t bad yesterday, but it was wet and gloomy.   I think we’ll get more of that today.   We got actual rain last night, not just misty drizzle like we had during the day.

I slept in, then did plumbing.   Had to McGyver a piece.   No one had the reducer I needed, but they had one with threads.   Threads I could remove with power and hand tools….     It just took longer than it should, and entailed a trip into town.   Stock at the hardware store and at Tractor Supply was wide but very shallow.   And there were big holes where they hadn’t gotten any new stock in a while.

Walmart looked pretty well stocked, but only with the stuff they have, which does not include plumbing fittings.     They had a lot of stuff on Clearance too.   I worked slow but got the drain installed.   Got the supply ready to connect today.   Turn off the water, cut the pex, insert and crimp new T fittings, turn it back on.   I love making changes to pex, it is so easy.

Still need to drop the gas line into the wall, and change out the romex to grounded 2 wire for the outlet in the wall.  Then button it all up and pack for home.

That’s the plan, but we all know about plans…

Watched “The Producers” with wife and D2 since it was raining and we couldn’t have a fire.   It was the Mathew Brodderick, Nathan Lane version and it was really good.  I love the original movie with Gene Wilder, but the new book and music (written by Mel Brooks) did a great job of freshening up the story while keeping the best parts.   The movie did a fantastic job of melding the stage action with the “film” segments to tell the story but still capture the feel of a Broadway show.   D2 is turning into a theatre geek too and laughed out loud throughout.

Stack up the good times.


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