Sat. Dec. 3, 2022 – proper post later, fell asleep

By on December 3rd, 2022 in decline and fall, open thread

Cold and clear, if I’m lucky.  Warm and wet if I’m not.

Did some things yesterday.

Got some things to do today.

Don’t know if it will all work out, but it should.

So tired.

More later.


Stack something.

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  1. Greg Norton says:

    BTW, Dad and I are wondering how long the movie theaters are going to last with these empty theaters.  The only movie we saw this year that was full was the Maverick Tom Cruise movie.  We are always going to the Cinemark theater in Victoria but they are all having problems.

    “Knives Out: Glass Onion” was full when we went Thanksgiving night, and I had to check back repeatedly that week to see if they added the second early evening screening we attended. Every other showing was sold out.

    Granted, Alamo Drafthouse, but they went bankrupt during the pandemic adhering to the orthodoxy too closely, staying closed for most of 2020 and requiring mask Kabuki well into this year. The chain is now privately held with the previous management as “advisors”.

    I’d advise that they not bring back masks. 

    The local Sinclair station started getting the fear porn cranked up again last night with the 10 PM news, parsing fine the “flu positivity numbers” since Texas Covid cases aren’t going anywhere right now.

    Like the West Coast cities — LA County is now considering indoor mask mandates to start next week — the core of Austin wants to continue to live in fear.

  2. Greg Norton says:

    “Elon Musk reveals Democrats lawmakers blasted Twitter for failing to censor MORE content after New York Post Hunter Biden laptop scandal – with lawmakers claiming ‘free speech isn’t absolute’”

    And people want these people to run the USA.

    Take your pick of meme:

    Yeah, Hunter. Trump, tho.


    Here’s the thing. Trump. I’m jus’ sayin’.

    Both of those still work.

  3. Ray Thompson says:

    One of those and some surround sound and why bother with Cinemark?

    You can pause the movie, get up to pee, take a nap, restart the movie. Rewind to better understand something. Stream to my hearing aids to understand really bad sound mixing on dialog. Closed caption works. No annoying people in the row in front using a cell phone.

  4. Greg Norton says:

    Stream to my hearing aids to understand really bad sound mixing on dialog

    Too many sound editors are trying to mix audio from home in their jammies using headphones.

    If we’ve gone to a theater to see something in the last year, the crowd is usually adults who are fans of whatever is on the screen.

    Even the crowd in “Top Gun” was quiet until Maverick and Goose Junior … well, I don’t want to drop a spoiler, but you have to suspend belief at one point in the movie because he’s Tom Cruise, he’s there to entertain you, and you want to see that scheme work.

  5. Nick Flandrey says:


    71F and 99%RH without actual rain… so warm and damp it is.

    Ate a huge plate of turkey and leftovers for dinner last night and that took me offline until 4am when I moved to bed.   

    Wife and kids are at GS camp.   I’m headed out in a couple hours, with a pickup on the way to the BOL.

    Went shopping at the “big” HEB near our Costco.   It’s a much more liberal crowd and draws from the next door very wealthy neighborhood, and a bunch of what we used to call yuppies.    Lot of asians, lot of head scarfs.  Anyway also a lot of masks.   Far more than I am used to seeing, although they are not uncommon around here. 

    Still seeing the masked staff vs unmasked patrons thing too.

    The store had several kinds of beef on sale.   SO … I filled a cart.  Ground chuck, chuck roast, another roast, 20 pound country ham, ribs, and some other things that I passed because I don’t usually cook tri-tip or brisket.   I took a while after dinner to break down the ham into steaks, a small ham, and what was left got chopped and chunked for various uses.  Saved the bones too.

    They also had several things in stock my small HEB didn’t have, in the way of sauces and mixes.   Between the meat, flavorings, and my soda and N/A beer, it was a big trip.  I only saved ~5% vs my usual 12-15%.  There were fewer on shelf coupons than my little store too.  Seemed like other than meat, nothing was on sale.

    Hit the Lowe’s for some plumbing stuff too.  Not a lot of shoppers, and weirdly, most of the Christmas lights were incandescent.   Don’t know if there is a shortage of LEDs, or all the LED strings sold early?  But from the display, there just weren’t very many LEDs on offer.  And even then choices were very limited – only green wire, except on ‘icicle’ style.  White, blue, and red, no multi color incan.   HEB’s Christmas section was similar, no LED strings.  Odd for sure.


  6. JimB says:

    We were out of town a few days ago. Costco had all LED lights, at least those I saw. Maybe that’s where yours went.

  7. Greg Norton says:

    Once again, on behalf of the taxpayers of the State of Florida, I would like to thank the alumni of the University of Texas Austin for their generosity. Tom Herman goes to FAU with one more year of salary left on his UT contract.

  8. Greg Norton says:

    Tyler Durden, but non-cowardice for a change.

    The Twitter Files

    Yeah, the laptop. Trump tho.

    I still expect nary a peep from the Sunday morning shows.

    And even if the story blows up, Hunter gets thrown under the bus, quick trial, then pardoned.

    No word about what the social media platforms did at the behest of Herr Doktor to keep the Pandemic Kabuki running.

  9. MrAtoz says:

    At least the DM is carrying TwitterGate as the lead story.

  10. Ken Mitchell says:

    There’s a cute app on Twitter called @ThreadReaderApp.  In any multi-part tweet, tweet “@threadreaderapp unroll”, and it will combine all the parts of that tweetstorm in sequential order.

    So I picked one of the “Twitter files” tweets and typed  “@threadreaderapp unroll” and here’s the result.

  11. MrAtoz says:

    So I picked one of the “Twitter files” tweets and typed  “@threadreaderapp unroll” and here’s the result.

    Cool! Thanks for the post.

  12. Greg Norton says:

    At least the DM is carrying TwitterGate as the lead story.

    Schadenfreude comes first at the DM. 

  13. lynn says:

    “Good-Bye to A Most Abnormal Normal Hurricane Season”

    Wednesday, November 30th is the last day of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Center, and with no areas considered to be likely to develop, it seems safe to be saying, “it’s over” and do a little post-action summary.  Good-bye and good riddance.  Prior to the start of the season, predictions called for the season to be more active than normal.  In retrospect it was about 75% of normal, based on the Accumulated Cyclone Energy or ACE, a product of strength of the storms and the amount of time they existed.  The real oddity of the season was the distribution of storms.”

  14. lynn says:

    Dadgumit, one of my 15 year old 18 volt Makita batteries won’t take a charge.  The other battery works fine.  I was drilling into masonry to put in two new outside cameras for dad.  Luckily the good battery took a charge in 15 minutes so we could finish.  

    We put in more wireless Nest cameras using wifi and six month rechargeable batteries.  The base is neat and a strong magnet allows you to position the camera in any direction. 

  15. nick flandrey says:

    I put a nest cam covering the pool at my sibling’s Florida place.   I can look at the weather and see the pool anytime.   And yes, that base is pretty cool.

    at the BOL.   One of two major goals accomplished- piano is given away.   Dishwasher is here, now to get it installed.  OF COURSE, that means doing ALL the plumbing replacement under the kitchen sink, and some electrical too, so we’ll see what happens.

    Eating my Hungry Man dinner.  I have to say, I’ve been impressed with the quality and taste of all the Hungryman Dinners so far.    They are an easy choice if you are alone.  Add a slice of bread and even I’m just a bit past full.  The cost is reasonable for the convenience and quality.

    After dinner, I’m headed down to a fire and radio.   It’s 10 deg F cooler up here than Houston.      It’ll be a bit early for good DX but the fire and ginger ale will be nice on their own.

    Oh, the radio I’m using now  is a Realistic DX-440   which is kinda vintage at this point.  It has some nice features like continuous tuning, automatic level control when switching to SSB, OK SSB tuning, and it’s very loud.  Battery life is very good.  And reception is great. 


  16. drwilliams says:

    There is something extremely satisfying knowing that millions of people are watching FIFA Soccer from a country that makes 1930’s Germany look like 1980’s The Netherlands, so by comparison there is literally nothing else to do that is not a better use of time.

  17. drwilliams says:

    I wonder what would happen if the entire gun and ammo industry decided to boycott Illinois?

  18. nick flandrey says:

    Barrett boycotts police agencies that are anti gun.

    good reception tonight.   It’s Saturday night so a lot of the stations have overtly religious programming that would normally have music,  but I found some good stuff to listen to.

    My favorite music station, WTWW on 5.085mhz must have lost their transmitter.  They are back on the air with some music out of Miami now on WRMI.   I’ll have to look online and see if it says what happened.   The on air guys say they are actually in Florida now instead of outside Nashville like they used to be.

    There were a lot of fish flipping and flopping tonight so I tried throwing some lures in the water.  No luck.

    Oh well, off to bed.  Lots to do tomorrow.


  19. lynn says:

    I watched a Christmas movie with my 81 year old mother tonight.  Die Hard.  She enjoyed it and did not recognize it.

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