Day: January 12, 2022

Wed. Jan. 12, 2022 – worse, not better. “There’s a lot of ruin in a country…”

Cool and damp again, maybe a little rain… we got just a few drops at the end of the day yesterday. The rest of the day was rain free if still damp-ish and overcast.

That meant I was able to take a load to the auctioneer. But. I loaded the truck about 3/4 of the way from one unit, and moved to the other unit, thinking that I’ll just grab the quick and easy stuff from both. Very strange. My lock is gone, and there is another lock on my unit. Office is closed on Tuesday but they agree to send a manager from a nearby storage facility, because storage companies ADD a lock to the unit if there is an issue. They don’t cut YOUR lock. There were some other ‘tells’ too. All of the company locks have a little blue sticker on them and this one didn’t. No issues with the unit were in the file, and I know I paid online…

In the mean time, I take my partial load to the auctioneer, and he freaks. This is all he wants this week. WTF? We had a long conversation, he was gonna take it all. Well, not so much. It’s possible the big boss objected or knew they had other stuff coming in. In either case, I don’t get to empty any storage,nor move much from the house.

On my way back to storage, the manager calls and will meet me there. I swing by home to get a new lock, and grab my battery grinder just in case.

Met the guy and we cut the lock. Ransacked. Robbed. Burgled actually. From the door I could see they went through most of the bins, tossing them around, and grabbing what they wanted. I haven’t disturbed the mess yet as I’m hoping for a police investigation, but I can see the golf clubs are gone, as well as a huge subwoofer, and every bit of electronics. They got at least $1000 in resell value, and that’s just what I can see at first look.

The facility manager is going to look at video for the last week. When she finds something, I’ll call the cops or the constable’s office, and try for an investigation. This is a pretty sophisticated operation. They have surely hit more than my unit as there were a LOT of units with the disc locks on them. They broke in, stripped out what they wanted, then put a lock on the door to disguise the entry. For most renters, I’m sure it would be weeks or months before the theft was discovered, and any video would be long gone.

This is the second time in as many months the one of my storage units has been broken into. In the other facility, a tenant cut locks in a hallway and entered a bunch of units. Caught on video. My unit had only networking and industrial stuff, so they didn’t steal anything. The management noticed the cut locks, and investigated. Then called me and let me know what happened. I met a real nice guy (and mentioned it here at the time) when I went to verify my stuff was still there.

I’ve been a storage unit renter for decades. Not all at once, but cumulatively, and I’ve had the ones here for a while. I’ve never had an issue before. Never heard of anyone having issues with theft, and certainly not a thief who hides the crime with his own lock. This is a big change.

Add in the other indicators. Supply chain issues and shortages. Inflation. Street violence. Political violence. Silencing opposing views. Increasingly ‘othering’ rhetoric and demonizing of opposing groups. Rule of law is collapsing. Social norms are fraying. Everything is getting worse. And I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

Yeah I know, doom and gloom. The sky is falling. The end is near(er)… But tell me where I’m wrong. I’d love to be wrong.

Look to your personal security and physical security. Look to your personal supply chain. When you see it, buy it. And stack it high.


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