Day: January 3, 2022

Mon. Jan. 3, 2022 – A whole new work year…

Cold. Cold. Brrrrr. Cold. 34F when I went to bed, and cold when I woke up. Nice and clear and sunny, but windy and cold.

Spent half of yesterday sleeping in. No point in getting run down when there is all this sickness around. It’s gonna make getting up for school a real drag though, starting tomorrow.

Spent the other half piddlefarting around in my office. I’m trying to consolidate, and move stuff around, while finding stuff for auction that I have forgotten about. I did make a little progress. The rest of the family had a nice lie in, then managed to spend the whole day NOT completing their various projects, or cleaning up after themselves. Maybe my wife intends to get to that today.

Kids are gonna be tired today. I’m waking them up in the morning. Need to at least pretend we’re getting ready for the return to school tomorrow.


I think I’ll do a couple of different year end things this week. Not today, because I started too late and wanted to get to bed, but there were some lessons learned in 2021 that I should capture and share. If you’ve got something you noticed that worked well, or badly, please comment about it.

For me the biggest difference was making the mental switch from ‘surviving the ongoing disaster’, to ‘this is how it is’, and getting back to prepping for whatever comes next. SOMETHING will be coming next. Pick your poison, and your timeline, but something bad is definitely coming. For most people it will arrive out of nowhere. For us, it will be one of the things we’ve already considered. Probably. And while we might not be ready for it, we’ll have given it some thought. Hopefully it will be something we’ve prepped for, that is survivable.

And that we stacked preps for.


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