Day: January 7, 2022

Fri. Jan. 7, 2022 – still more work. Stacking up the FRNs…

Warmer during sunlight, cooler to cold during no-sun-light. Freaking 44F when I went to bed, with no fanfare from the weatherliars. For some reason, the A/C was running despite the low outdoor temps. Yesterday was nice during the day but it did get chilly when the sun went away.

Spent the late morning and all the rest of the day working at my client’s house. I did get some things off my list, and we’re finding things we couldn’t find until the other work was done. Programmer is making progress too. The system was about 90% functional when we left for the day. I should be able to actually do some of my lower priority items today. And I can take another whack at some of the networking issues.

Like the wifi coverage. I’m using 4 ubiquiti AC Lite access points that are supposed to have hundreds of feet of coverage. It’s a big house, but FOUR and there are dead spots everywhere. LOTS of metal and brick, heavy plaster treatments on walls, and weird architecture with a lot of angled walls and ‘nooks’, really high ceilings. I need to move pretty much three of the four, and figure out why I don’t have MASSIVE signal levels. Freaking 30 feet from the wap, I can lose the connection. And with the config problems I had, I’m not convinced they are all actually on and working properly. Add the config problems to the physical location problems, and I’ve got my hands full for days if I spend the time fighting it.

We’ll see what I get to while helping the programmer get through his list.


So this week I’m stacking money. Money makes everything easier, and let’s us turn one thing into another. It’s a good prep that often gets downplayed or overlooked. It’s not perfect, you can’t eat it, but it will get you food to eat.

In an inflationary economy, you need all the money you can get, and as quickly as you can get it if you want or need to buy things.

Think about what you’ll do for money if things go even more pear shaped. Got skillz? Got stuff other people want? Control access to something? Got people who know and appreciate that you have the stuff or the skillz? Better to do business with someone known to you than not.

Skills, stuff, or money, stack it as high as you can.


(btw, I’m still following my prime directive. My prepping can’t negatively affect my life, and shouldn’t be anything irrevocable. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but does provide guidance and a gut check.)

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