Day: January 11, 2022

Tues. Jan. 11, 2022 – 01112022 – hah, base 3 biatchezzz (so nerdy)

Another cool and clear day today, or at least that is what I need. Yesterday was fine with some sun and no rain.

And yesterday I spent the day working on my client’s stuff. Watched some vids about ubiquiti unifi, and then went and installed some. The magic is still not auto.. but we’re closer, and it’s working from the end user’s point of view. I’m not done yet, but I’m done for a couple of days.

Today I’m moving stuff to the auctioneer and I need it to not rain. Open pickup truck, bins of stuff for sale, and p!ssing down rain don’t mix. If I can get most of the first storage unit delivered, I’ll be happy. That will let me move more out of the house and garage and patio. Wife will be happy. If I can do more than that I’ll be really happy. Then more the next day… and so on, and so on, and so on.

As I dig out more radio stuff, I’m debating whether to take it all to him and do a special ‘radio’ auction, or just wait for March and do my usual sale at the Hamfest. I really like seeing and interacting with everyone at the Hamfest, and I worry that it will all go too cheaply in an auction. I have some time to decide though.

I’m getting that “time is short” feeling again. 100# of rice is about $60-75 (instead of $50 like 2 years ago), fills a couple of buckets, and would bulk out dinner for the family for 2-3 months. $100 in canned veg wouldn’t go amiss… nor would 60 pounds of animal protein- but that bill is gonna hurt.

There are a couple of other things I really need to make some plans work, some additional meds, and some solar charge controllers being the most critical.

If stuff starts getting sporty it will get sporty pretty suddenly. Don’t delay, prep today!

Stack all the things.

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