Day: January 5, 2022

Wed. Jan. 5, 2022 – working onsite today

Cool, but not cold, 57F when I went to bed. Supposed to have several more days of this, sunny and clear. It was actually nice all day yesterday. I was in long sleeves with a collared shirt over, and long pants, and I was warm indoors, and comfortable out.

Made a bit of progress at my customer site. One of the network drops I wired backwards (put the plug on upside down) so that was during the recent work, but the other had a coupler in it that didn’t work. PoE got through, but not data. It’s possible it hasn’t worked in years, or never. The only thing plugged into that drop was a wireless remote controller gateway, and there were others in the house. It might never have worked, which is humbling.

Took care of a couple of other notes too, and I’ll be back out there today. The programmer is coming down for Wed, and possibly staying through Thurs and we hope to be completely finished by the end of the day Thursday. I won’t be headed out too early but I’ll meet him around 11am or noon. I noticed that two more of the TCL tv’s are showing image issues. They are just about 3 years old, iirc, so their replacement will be on SquareTrade through Costco’s program. They look great but they are built to a price point, a LOW price point, and I couldn’t recommend them without the Costco warranty. I may dismount them and clean the internal connectors between boards with DeOXit. That has worked in the past. It’s quicker than getting new ones.

I got a check for the work so far, so I’m happy about that. Stacking fiat currency is good too.

Stack something today, and figure out something you can use less of, and save a bit too. Think of it as practice for hard times…


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