Day: January 1, 2022

Sat. Jan. 1, 2022 – Happy New Year, one and all.

Today we’re supposed to start getting cold. Should be warm-ish and damp until that happens though. Yesterday was nice, and the sun even came out.

I was thinking about taking down my holiday lighting, while it was still dry and nice out. But my desire to have it up until at least New Year’s Day won out in the end. If it rains or snows, I’ll just leave it up longer. I might not leave it LIT though.

And I had other stuff I preferred to do, or that I needed to do.

Some of which actually got done.

Today we’ll eat, clean, organize, and stack. I might even get the chance to fix something. And I’ll probably take down at least some of the outdoor decor.

There is a sense of ‘clearing the decks’ and getting ready to this time of year. No reason to fight it. Leverage natural tendencies when you can, and when they move in the same direction you want to go.

And of course, stack some stuff.

Because you never know for sure… but you can make a pretty good guess.

Welcome to 2022.


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