Day: January 13, 2022

Thur. Jan. 13, 2022 – Friday the 13th comes on a Thursday this month…

Cool and damp again. Overcast? Maybe. Was overcast and threatening all day Wednesday. It was 45F when I went to bed, but not bad during the day. Jacket weather for sure. It’s cold enough that my fingers are cracking again.

Did my pickup, mostly stuff for my non-prepping hobby. Did my drop off and then went to meet the auctioneer where she was going through a house to get ready for an auction. I was able to help her
ID some stuff. And turned down her job offer for the week… My other auctioneer wanted to hire me too, but I’d go nuts in his shop and I doubt he could afford me. I’m always better off either looking after my client, or listing, or working on my house.

Today is household stuff in the AM, then client’s house if the weather is ok for outdoor work. Other than networking, and the next round of gear replacement, I’ve only got a few items left to complete. I can leave the net stuff as is for the time being, and we’ll straighten it out when the fiber gets installed. The new speakers should be installed though.

The other thing I did yesterday was spending some time talking to the manager at the storage company. She’s going to review the video, and if she gets anything usable, then I’ll call my constable’s deputy buddy and see if they want to investigate. I’d think that going after an organized group would be an easier sell than going after individual crooks. The Constable formed his investigative group specifically to go after the stuff HPD wouldn’t touch. It’s another data point that everyone agrees that HPD won’t do anything. They are stretched at the moment, and have been for years.

The manager is an interesting character. She spent 20 years working in city politics then walked away about the time I moved to Houston. She’s got some interesting stories and an interesting perspective. Black, single mom, three successful grown kids. Meatspace baby. Get out and TALK to people.

And stack some stuff, because that pantry ain’t gonna fill itself.


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