Day: January 16, 2022

Sun. Jan. 16, 2022 – another day of not rest…

Cold and windy, but probably clear. I brought my citrus trees back inside last night. It was 40F and dropping, and got to 37F at midnight. Probably wasn’t going to freeze, but the little potted trees weren’t doing well outside.

Got the Christmas decor down, and I’ll put it way today. Some of it was still a bit damp, and I want it dry before storing it.

Got a couple small things done, but sleeping to 11 kinda kills half the day, and it was really too cold and windy to do the outdoor work I was hoping to do.

So we’ll try again today.

Supply chain from China is getting bad again. Port congestion isn’t better. I’m seeing toys show up in the overstock auctions, maybe they’ve arrived too late? And the latest wave of ‘stay at home’ workers is messing up schedules everywhere.

If you need it, stack it.


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