Day: January 2, 2022

Sun. Jan. 2, 2022 – 01-02-2022 – Had to type all of that over, twice…

Cooler, wonder how cool we’ll get? It was cool and windy when I went to bed with temps dropping pretty rapidly. says we’ll bottom out at 37F around 9:30 am. I intend to be asleep when that happens. Shouldn’t be too far from there when I get up.

Spent the first day of the new year mostly piddling about. Wife and kids continued with their organizing project… for a while anyway. Then some streaming shows were watched. I poked at computers, then took down some of the outdoor decor. Wife and kids took down the tree. It’s all earlier than I would normally want to take stuff down, but the tree was crispy, and the room really needed to be cleaned up. I wanted to get some of the outdoor stuff down in case we got rain. Much easier to put it away dry…

Then my wife noticed the water dripping from the ceiling of the bathroom. Oops. Whole ceiling was wet. The drip tray under the A/C cooling coils in the attic had some recent damage to the drain pipe, and it was leaking. So now I’ve got a ceiling to repair, after it dries out. Joy. It’s always something. The drain pipe was fine until getting down the Christmas stuff this year. Water doesn’t run uphill. Write that on your hand if you might be messing with drains. The worst part is that it was entirely avoidable and now it will take money and time that I didn’t have in the budget or the plan and don’t want to spend either.

But that’s why we prep, so that small things like that don’t become big things. I’ll have to get some drywall and mud (because my stocks got damaged by time and rain), and find the time. The money isn’t an issue as we do have it put aside for just something like this. We could probably pay someone so MY time wouldn’t be spent, but we’d have to FIND someone. Easier and faster just to do it. The necessary skills were acquired long ago. At least there isn’t any rush.

It’s always something when you own a house.

Stack the stuff, you’ll need it eventually.


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