Day: January 10, 2022

Mon. Jan. 10, 2022 – another busy week ahead

Cool and clear, damp but later drying out, I hope. Yesterday was damp and overcast all day. Not much dried, and there was a lot of standing water around the house and yard. Never got particularly warm, although the house warmed up to the point I turned the A/C on. It was 55F when I went to bed, and still 84%RH.

Spent the day indoors anyway. Slept in after being up late keeping an eye on the storm. The tornado warning that I ignored resulted in a tornado in Humble, about 15 miles NE of me, and it did some damage. Went right over my head before forming up apparently.

Other than the mud where the high water mark is, you wouldn’t know there was any flooding last night.

After a leisurely brunch of sliced Spam, fried frozen hash brown patties, and for me, an egg, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a bit of clean up, restocking the house, and I cut my hair. I’ve been giving myself haircuts since the beginning of the chinaflu lockdown. I’m getting faster at it, although I’m not sure I am better at it. The Wahl clippers have paid for themselves several times over at this point. Yep, I bought them as a prep when I considered how to stay home for months at a time.

I wanted to go back to my normal barber, but he lost his lease to gentrification and I’ve got to find him again. In the mean time, it’s faster for me to do it. Clipper cut with the numbered clipper shields makes it relatively easy, and it’s basically the same cut I was getting from the barber for years, #4 on top, #2 on the sides, blend and clean up the edges… it’s a style that suits me and it’s easy to maintain. Like a lot of simplification and cutting back, it fits with the circumstances.

I’ve got a set of hair scissors and a straight razor too. The razor is a DEEP fall back as I normally get several months of infrequent use from every disposable blade set. The scissors would work for the girls too. Deep prep. But easy to buy, store, and have if needed. Cutting the kids’ hair or gnu forbid, the wife’s, is NOT something I’m going to practice though. I’ll just accept that if things are that desperate, I can’t make them much worse even if I have to ‘learn on the job.’

Hygiene and grooming are important. People feel better when they’re clean and look good. And morale is important. Make sure you have prepped for that too.

One more pile of things to add to the stacks!


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