Day: January 15, 2022

Sat. Jan. 15, 2022 – tired, lots of house stuff to do, ordinary days- cherish them.

Cool and clear today. Yesterday was awesome. Blue sky. Clear. Shirtsleeves temps. I’m really hoping for more of the same.

Most of the stuff I want to do today is ‘around the house’ kind of stuff and is much easier if it’s clear.

I did get to my client’s house and closed out a couple of notes. I’ve got a couple of things left to do on this project, and then I can start the new maintenance projects.

I didn’t do anything about my storage unit yet, that’s on the list for today too.

And I need to find someone to take all my auction stuff that I thought would go with the previous guy. Or I’ll have to start having yard sales or get a table at the local flea market on the weekend.


Out in the wider world, the authoritarian stuff is getting worse and spreading. The supply chain issues aren’t getting better, and are about to get worse again. The inflation rate continues to rise.

You know one thing you can do, keep stacking…


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