Day: January 28, 2022

Fri. Jan. 28, 2022 – madness is….. one step beyond

Cool and damp again.  Yeah, whoddathunkit?  Got into the low 60s yesterday.  There was part sun in various places in town but predominately overcast.

Spent the morning watching various auction lots for beds and mattresses for the lakehouse.  Didn’t win any.  Then I got my pickup done.  Dropped some stuff off at my secondary, and swung by Goodwill’s Outlet store.

There are things we will need for the lakehouse.  And because of the way my life works, in one of the bins was a box for a cell phone booster.   There were actually two different ones in the bin, so I scooped up all those pieces.  I’ll know later today if all the pieces are there, and if they will work now that 3G sunsetted.  I also picked up two pieces that will pay for the rest of my full cart.  They are the rarest of vintage audio gear– black face components that are worth something on ebay.  Kenwood GE-76 and the tuner from the same line.  No power amp though I did find the instruction book for it.  You never know what you’ll  find.

Today will be a meeting with one of my auctioneers, and pickup of some medical stuff.  I’ll have to go spend some time at my storage unit, and at my secondary.   I got another two pallets ready for the pallet lot auction, but I’ve got to get at least a couple more with some more valuable stuff to fill out this first auction with them.

The purchase of the lakehouse is proceeding.   The seller kept having ‘trouble’ with her email, claiming she didn’t get our signed contract, and we thought she might be entertaining other offers without telling us.  I now think she was actually having net issues, because she’s told us that she finally has the doc and is proceeding with the escrow company, etc.  Or maybe the offers weren’t sweet enough to overcome us being first through the door…  we’re still set to close on the 21st.   The first quote for insurance was pretty freaking expensive.  I’ll have to take a few minutes and talk to them about changes and maybe we can get it down into the reasonable range.

I’m really looking forward to finally having a Bug Out Location.  It was a pretty big gap in our preps to not have anywhere specific to go if we needed to leave town.   Fixing it up, stocking it, and actually using it for weekends is going to be a ton of work, but will be satisfying too.

Should generate some blogfodder too.

Now I can stack even more things.  And you can too!


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