Day: January 27, 2022

Thur. Jan. 27, 2022 – making progress, and yet falling behind…

Cold again, with more damp.  Maybe getting to the low 60s like yesterday.  We had occasional sun, but mostly overcast, and I expect the same today.

Spent the morning doing email and phone calls.  Actual talking to people.  I know, how strange.  Had to call the insurance people and get a quote for the new house.  NOT cheap as it turns out.  Also spoke with them about the work on my Ranger (I can still get it done if I can find the time) and the burglary at my storage unit.    Then I spent some time on the phone with the county clerk in Houston County.  She was able to pull the deed history for my new properties, and the boundary descriptions.   It’s pretty cool to go back  to the original land grant, Ramon De La Garza in this case.  Only took a couple of steps.  And I confirmed that the mineral rights were separated from the land rights before it became a subdivision.  Most of the area was in timber production prior to the ’70s, and there is still a lot of timber in the area.  She printed old scans to a pdf, emailed them to me, and I was good to go.  She was apologetic that it cost $1/page.  The $5 is the smallest bill I’ll pay in this process, I’m pretty sure.

So I made some progress on something.   We completed the sales contract and got it back to the seller, and hope to close on the 21st of Feb.

Didn’t make any progress on getting more stuff to auction.  I’ll have to email the newest auctioneer and try to get some stuff placed with him.  I need to get some bins filled from the burgled unit too.   Today I’ll do something, so I don’t fall farther behind.

Girl Scout cookies arrive next week and the house needs to be clear for that.

I did get some needful things and some good stuff for the house and the new place too.

The seed display had a LOT of good veggies and tons of flowers in it.  I think I’ll scatter a bunch of the flowers at the new place.  Most of the veg were varieties I haven’t tried and failed with yet, so I’ll give them a try too.   The seeds sold 4 packets for a dollar.  I never saw any that cheap before, and the label says they have the same number of seeds as the other guys… wonder if they’ll germinate and what the rate will be.  It’ll be ‘science-y’ content for sure 🙂

That’s that for today, I better actually get some stuff done.

So I can stack some other things that will help more.



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