Day: August 22, 2021

Sun. Aug. 22, 2021 – not much rest for the sorta bad…

Hot again, and humid. Yesterday was over 103F in the sun, so we’re back to HOT. It was so humid I had sweat dripping off my eyelids and nose just standing still in the garage working on small things. Soaked through my clothes. Yuck.

Slept late with a sore back in the now familiar pattern of one tough but productive day, one recovery day. I’m getting better at ‘fixing’ the pinching painful misalignment in my back so I can get back to my normal self, but it can take a while before I get to the point where it actually works. Getting old is not for the weak, and all the abuse adds up over time. There may even be a log scale for ‘damage done to my body’ vs ‘continued use of my body’.

I did get a bunch of stuff done, even if it was low priority and low value stuff. There are things on the list that make good ‘filler’ for those times when a bigger project or something critical won’t fit or would require more than is available. And there are targets of opportunity for when I’m already in a place or moving something, or stacking stuff in that area. Some people might call them ‘distractions’ but since they have to get done sometime, this time might be the time.

If I want to take more stuff to the auctioneer, I have to pull it and get it ready today. I’ll be pulling a bunch of electronics as well as other stuff that I’m sure I’ll find when pulling the other stuff. I am sort of ‘cherry picking’. In a true estate sale you start at one end and move to the other, putting a price on everything. I’m just pulling a layer off, picking stuff I think will do well. I want this sale to be successful, so he doesn’t find reasons not to have another, and another, and another.

This coming Friday is setup for my non-prepping hobby swapmeet and gabfest, so I have to pull that stuff too. The weekend is complicated by my wife’s plans to get a Girl Scout cert in some sort of water activity, so she’ll be gone. Managing the kids while working a convention and selling at the meet is gonna purely suck. Some advance planning is needed.

And normal prepping activities will continue. Stuff will be acquired, stacked, used, or just piled somewhere. Some sort of learning will happen, and bonds in the community will be (hopefully) strengthened.

Oh, and there is a storm hitting Long Island and the surrounding area. If you are in the path, be safe, be smart, and be prepared. And give use a report after.

Everyone else, keep stacking.


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