Day: August 14, 2021

Sat. Aug. 14, 2021 – non-prepping hobby today

Well, maybe it won’t be quite so hot, but it’s sure to be humid and wet, with some sun mixed in. Yesterday was a bit cooler here in the Bayou City, and I’m sure someone got rain. We got the threat of rain and some thunder, with a power blink, but never really got any significant precipitation. Tropical storm headed this way so the weather will be variable for the next couple of days. Of course, other than ‘hot’ our weather is variable anyway.

Did some small things yesterday. Sold a cable on ebay and shipped that. Had to go by the Post Office to drop it on the counter. Then later at night I got another offer on the same cables. Ebay’s algorithm for promoting listings is a cypher. No sales for a year, then two in one day. Strange.

Went by the Goodwill outlet, and picked up some vintage GI Joe. Nice large pieces (a jeep and trailer), some small clothes and accessories, and one actual Joe in poor shape. One of the accessories will pay for everything else. There were some great books, 50c each, for the apocalypse library and I couldn’t resist a church lady recipe book from Louisiana. One gallon of vintage doll house furniture will make D2 happy, and if not, it’ll go in the auction. Not a lot of people in the store. Felt really quiet.

Went to Home Depot to get some rat killer stuff. Not many people there either. Might have just been the time of day. Picked up some bug killer stuff too. Better to have it in the cabinet, than not be able to get it when I need it. One other thing I needed was a lightbulb for my yard light. When you run them 24/7 even LED lights fail in a few years. The new one is 300w equivalent and has a dusk to dawn sensor. It looks really bright in the dark. I think I’m going to go with a less bright one actually. The light looks really ugly and I like the house to be a bit more ‘artistically’ lit. It’s there for security, but it has to not draw attention to itself. Right now it screams “I’m a crazy bright white security light!”.

I would prefer to be well lit, well covered with cams, physically secure, but have people not see any of it and just think, that’s a pretty house. Grey man. Ideally my whole life will be set up like that.

Today I’m headed to my non-prepping hobby meeting. Time to spend some time with people and shared interests. It can’t all be about stacking ammo and freeze dried food.

But there’s nothing wrong with stacking either of those, and lots more too.

Stack it high.


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