Day: August 1, 2021

Sun. Aug. 1, 2021 – new month, same old story…

Sunny and hot, with or without rain. Like Saturday. We got clobbered at various times and places yesterday, but you would hardly know if you weren’t in the right place at the right time. The slightly lower humidity and the sun helped to really dry stuff off much more quickly than usual.

I got my pickups done, and got over to my secondary location. I broke down the last two shipping crates and disposed of the contents. It has really opened a lot of room, which I must now fill. I’ll be ‘tetris-ing’ stuff into the newly created space to make room for the pallets of stuff I’m auctioning. I may also find more stuff for the recycler or dumpster. Scrap prices are up, so I may scrap some things myself.

Once I really make some space over there, I can move a bunch of preps back over. I moved them home when it looked like we might be facing real movement restrictions. It’s conditioned space, so a better place to store stuff than my garage or patio. And it’s spreading the eggs to more than one basket. Looking at pix of tornado devastation, it’s very important to have some of your stuff elsewhere, even if that is just a storage unit or a black bin in a friend’s garage.

Don’t know what I’ll get to today. I have a bunch of small tasks stacked up at home. Little things with the kids, like hanging paintings, or fixing stuff, and they have asked if we can do some of that. Probably a good way to spend the day…

Stack up some love and time with the family too.


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