Day: August 12, 2021

Thur. Aug. 12, 2021 – time is funny, how it stretches and shrinks

Hot and humid, rain in places. Maybe lots of rain. It poured down on the south side of town yesterday, but didn’t even sprinkle at my house. Kids just got hot and sunny all day. I got a car wash. Houston. Go figure.

Did my errands yesterday, which had me driving down to Dickinson and back. Lots of different microclimates in that loop.

Went looking for dead rats in my attic. Surprisingly I didn’t find any. I was sure the bad smell must be coming from the attic. Wasn’t. That means the rat is probably on my patio under or behind something. I reset traps and re-baited the poison box while I was up there. Freaking hot, even in the late evening. 105F in the sun in the afternoon.

Went grocery shopping at our local “small” HEB store. Still has gaps on the shelves and limited selections. Most of what I wanted was at least there in some form. Eggs were still weird but there were close to the normal varieties. No whipped cream in cans though. Couldn’t get the apple soda I wanted, it just wasn’t there. The Dr Pepper flavor I usually buy in the tiny cans I had to buy in big cans but at least they had it. Fancy bottled water had about 8 feet of empty shelf. They did have a pallet of Charmin blue, but it was pricey. Gas is ~$2.80/gallon, 87 octane. Neither expensive, nor cheap.

My kids complain that I buy too many groceries. Please God let that be true.

It’s funny how time is so elastic, at least our perception of it. Today is the three year anniversary of my dad’s death. So much has happened since then that it seems like it was a lifetime ago on the one hand. On the other, it still feels like yesterday some days, and some days I forget he’s gone and catch myself thinking, “I’ll pick this up for dad, he’d get a kick out of it…” He’s not really gone as long as we still remember him.

Nor are all the other’s who’ve passed. Light a candle, raise a glass, and remember absent friends.


(and don’t let the stacking get in the way of living your life.)

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