Day: August 3, 2021

Tues. Aug. 3, 2021 – do all the things!

Hot and humid. Got over 100F at my house yesterday and the bright sun was like a laser scorching my eyes and skin. I got soaked in sweat just standing outside my truck talking on the phone.

Spent the morning sleeping. Then did a pickup of some vintage audio gear. Speakers need to be re-foamed, and all the other stuff needs to be tested but there should be some money there. Hit the goodwill outlet on the way home and grabbed most of the Harvard Five Foot Book Shelf books. I think I have 40+ of the 50+ volumes. 50c per book. Depending on the edition they should sell for $150 – 300. I picked them up to sell, but of course, I would like to have them on MY shelf. If I had room on my shelves. Which I don’t. At all. Funny, they are old so the book sellers skipped them completely. They were in the bin for at least an hour… but they don’t have UPC codes to scan so those guys don’t want them.

The goodwill outlet I stopped at is ‘in the hood’. It’s only the second time I’ve been in there. It’s a lot dirtier, with a lot more broken stuff than the outlet in my neighborhood. The other one, also in a ‘bad’ neighborhood (Greenspoint, known locally as ‘Gunspoint’) is dirty and full of broken junk too. I guess location might matter. Management probably does too.

I need to in-process the stuff I got, and get the auction stuff separated and stacked, as well as get back to my secondary and make some more progress there. I’m finally building momentum, so you know what comes next. . . long weekend away from home. Yup. 4 days, plus time to pack, and un-pack. At least it will be at one of the lakes we are looking at for a getaway house. We can drive around and maybe even see a property or two. That part is helpful for long term goals. 4 days off, not so much.

But there is more to life than work and prepping. These are the good old days and I do need to spend them with family.

And hey, maybe I’ll end up with a BOL after all…

(keep stacking)


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