Day: August 11, 2021

Wed. Aug. 11, 2021 – hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

Slightly cooler, still hot and humid. It got a bit cooler yesterday in the late evening. Mid 80s with a nice breeze, so we took a walk as a family with the puppy. I was sweaty by the time we got back.

On the street we ran into a neighbor who I’ve seen walking in the evening with his wife. He uses a supportive rolling walker. We chatted, and he’s recovering from cancer not a stroke. They live about 6 houses down from us. Haven’t met him before. Politically conservative and well informed. Meatspace baby!

Did some more meatspace at daughter 1’s “meet the teacher, pickup your laptop” event at her school. Because of the lockdown, I’d never set foot in her school before. Spent some time catching up with one of the dads who I didn’t see this year, as we didn’t do swim team. He’s a good guy and a friend. He’s got medical issues so he’s been in pretty consistent isolation for the last year and a half. Nice to catch up.

The school doesn’t have much opportunity for volunteering but they do have a program where parent volunteers with a special interest can lead a seminar program the kids can sign up for. They are like electives merged with a club, and a short course. I’m thinking about radio or 3d printing as possible ways for me to do one. I want very much to get into the school this year. Still haven’t heard if we’re doing the “Hands On Science” program this year at D2’s school. I really hope we are, I miss the kids.

I also applied to be part of the school district advisory committee on technical education and votech… I don’t know how they choose, but I’d like to be a champion for shop class.

You have to be out there in the community and participate in the process to really know what is going on, whether it’s school, policing, politics, or any other local thing. Meatspace.

Did my pickup during the day. The most notable thing was the DSM-5 diagnostic manual brand new for $2. They sell for $50 pretty steadily, and that is easy money. I’m trying not to buy stuff for resale, but that I couldn’t pass up.

Money is an awesome prep as it is an enabler and force multiplier. I’d say that you should get as much of it as you reasonably can.

And then use some of it to buy stacks of stuff!


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