Day: August 21, 2021

Sat. Aug. 21, 2021 – wasted days and wasted nights……..

Hot and humid, of course. Because HOUSTON. FTW! The map for the whole country looks wet for the next couple of days. Houston will have rain. Somewhere. I got wet enough working outdoors that I could have been out in the rain. Then I did it again at my secondary location. And in between I went to lowes, and stopped at my rent house to drop off a replacement CO monitor and talk about drainage issues.

I managed to pack up another bin, went to my storage unit and packed 3 more. Dropped those off at the auction, then went to my secondary, grabbed some more stuff, and took that to the auctioneer. And you can hardly tell that all that stuff left. Jeez.

But it did leave, and there will be more leaving-both to my non-prepping hobby swap meet, and more to the auction.

I need the space and I need the time. I’ve got stuff I want to do, and having room in the garage would be nice. Getting the patio back would be nice. Getting the driveway back would be nice, even if I just fill it with tubs to grow veggies and potatoes. Because Chaka, when the rains come. Or something. The money, if there is any at the end of the day will be a bonus. Part of my prepping philosophy is ‘nothing irrevocable’. Getting rid of this stuff at whatever I can get feels a little irrevocable, in that I feel like I should have worked harder at it, and now I can’t, because it’s gone. But I really believe time is getting short and to continue as I have been won’t work.

Any time now, we could have a weekend like the one in 2008, when the financial apocalypse was upon us, and only the heroic work of the smartest guys in the room, and the coercive power of government could save the day. *cough* Whatever the real story is, we DIDN’T collapse the economy then. I’m not so sanguine about the next time.

There will be a next time, and we’ve already pulled all the rabbits out of all the hats. It happened in Cyprus, it happened in Ukraine, it happened in Venezuela, it happened in Argentina, and Zimbabwe, and countless other places as well. It’s happening right now, and we won’t see the result until it ‘comes out of nowhere’ to bite us on the @rse.

We’ll get through it. Most, some, or all of us, but it won’t be easy. Prepping provides us with options, alternatives, choices. There will be opportunities too, if you are ready to act. Resources will be required. In big stacks. So stack it up.


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