Day: August 7, 2021

Sat. Aug. 7, 2021 – lake life

Hot and humid, but not as much as Houston. We’ll see how windy it gets on this side of the lake. The wind was nice yesterday, and getting out of the bathwater warm lake got a nice chill with a wet shirt on.

Did most of my errands yesterday, then headed north to join the wife and kids at the rental. It’s a nice little family home. Clearly they spend more time here than they do renting it out. There are family pix and stuff all over the place. They have some locked closets, but there’s still plenty of personal stuff out. And the cabinets are full to bursting, and not with the sort of stuff left over in a vacation rental (although there is some of that too.)

Pretty sure the owner’s use this as as BOL at least casually. Always hard to judge someone by their bookshelf in a place that might have leftover guest books on the shelf, but… classic SciFi, a complete Rudyard Kipling, Ayn Rand, Ursula Le Guin, and James Wesley, Rawles…. some of the PA classics would confirm it, but I’m confident I’d like the person who owns these books. And they are at least some sort of prepper.

Of course it’s my plan too. Make sure any lake house we buy also works to get us out of dodge if need be. This place is only 1 1/2 hours north of Houston, so it’s still a little close, but it looks like a nice lake. It’s much bigger than our first choice, and this side we’re on is down wind and gets a lot of wave action. That is the kind of thing you don’t think to ask about unless someone clues you in. This house is in a quiet little development that has clearly been here for some time. This must be the hillbilly side of the lake. Most of the neighbors look like full time residents and while it is ‘country’ it looks pretty well kept up.

Today’s plan is fish, swim, kick back. Eat. Rinse and repeat. I was reluctant to take the time, but as long as I’m here, I’m going to get with the program.

Think about what you’d do if staying in your neighborhood became untenable. Not your classic bug out road trip, but how would you live your life. Gotta eat. Gotta work.

To make it easier no matter what comes, stack some more stuff.


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