Day: August 16, 2021

Mon. Aug. 16, 2021 – first day of school, FTW!

Sunny and warm, possibly rainy, certain to end up at “hot”. It was hot and humid yesterday until the storm rolled through. Then it dropped to 75F and stayed there for a few hours.

I didn’t get a whole lot done on my free day. Turned out to not be so free when wife and kids got home early. Daughter 1 got her sailing stuff done very quickly and was released to come home. Now she is a ‘certified’ mariner and can do more sailing stuff with GS. Hooray.

The other issue was my back was bothering me. It finally moved and got a lot better some time after my wife got home. Until then picking up anything at all kinda pinched… it finally moved for me and she could here it from 6 feet away. She was a little skeptical until that happened. 🙂 Nothing like hearing the snap crackle pop so loud and clear to confirm that there was an issue.

I got some listing stuff done, and that was about it.

This morning I’ll be walking D1 to the bus pickup spot, and later in the day I’ll be picking up D2 and we’ll have our first afternoon of scheduled together time. I can’t wait. I expect that she’ll be vibrating from school and we might not get anything done, but it will still be a good thing.

Time flies, and if you blink you miss it. Take some time. Stack, but without relationships, what’s the point?

The tighter you build the relationships now, the stronger they’ll be later. And I think we’ll need that strength.


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